Can Dark Chocolate Really Be Better than Sex?

Many of you are probably thinking that sex wins out every time. But, several female readers are also grinning while contemplating their secret response: its always dark chocolate. While sex is an emotional and physical act of pure pleasure, eating a piece of decadent dark chocolate has some advantages that arent immediately obvious. Here are a few health benefits to consider:

These facts are derived from a variety of medical articles readily available to anyone. But then there are many other factors to ponder before you make that important choice. Please notice that they can apply equally to either sex:

Can you say that about your sexual partner? I didnt think so. I didnt even need to get to the part about buying you gifts, remembering your anniversary, or feeling unfulfilled because you didnt achieve orgasm. Did I mention that you can do both (like having your cake and eating it too) if you get creative with dark chocolate syrup? I rest my case.

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