Chocolate Can Improve Sex life, Agreed - Can It Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Nigerian government is advising its people to eat chocolate for enhancing their sexual pleasure instead of spending on high cost drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. After Goji berry, is that a new gimmick?

Dr. Dora Akunyili has proved through her scientific tests that cocoa has libido enhancing qualities, is it not quite an old story? Actually there is a scientific reason behind the trend of gifting chocolate bars and candies to our lovers. It is said to stimulate the hormones that is responsible for the feelings related to love, because of a natural chemical present in chocolate, it works as an aphrodisiac. Now Nigeria's national committee for the development of cocoa is giving examples of marketing campaigns by the British trade association that talks about the sexual enhancement qualities of chocolates. Compared to Viagra, chocolate has no side effect, says Dr. Akunyili. It is a great anti-oxidant known to prevent heart attack, diabetes as well as hypertension.

Of course chocolate would have been far better option compared to the PDE5 inhibitors if it was able to treat the erectile dysfunction. Because it tastes better, costs less with no side effect at all. But unfortunately, human mechanism is not so simple, neither is the anatomy of erection. Having high libido is not enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse until a man can have a strong penis erection and hold it till the end. Do you agree? I think there is no other way to do it right when vaginal penetration is the question.

Yet again, this is time to remind you that the terms like low libido or less or no sexual drive do not mean a man has erectile dysfunction. At the same time, a man with erectile dysfunction or impotence may enjoy high libido or sexual excitement. Goji berry and cocoa may act as a natural aphrodisiac, enhancing a persons sexual drive, PDE 5 inhibitors like Viagra treat the disease that causes inability to get an erection or sustain an erection even with good amount of sexual stimulation or high sexual drive.

Viagra treatment is totally different! It relaxes the muscles in the penis and increases blood flow into it so that the blood engorges the penile section helping a man get a strong erection for a successful vaginal intercourse.

Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, so it does not enhance your sexual drive. More importantly, you need sexual stimulation to get an erection after the oral administration of Viagra. Viagra is a treatment for the most common disorder erectile dysfunction in men that makes them impotent.

There is no use comparing Goji berry or cocoa like natural substances with Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors from sexual perspective. But of course they can be compared for their benefits in life threatening matters like preventing heart attack and pulmonary diseases.


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