Chocolate Cocoavia Can Help Make Cholesterol Low

Believe it or not, research has shown that plant-based sterols that come from soy and if added to a snack bar that is also cocoa-based could reduce significantly the levels of cholesterol in the body.

Due to this research as well as decades of studies on the value of cocoa, a major chocolate company developed a snack bar that contains sterol as well as cocoa CocoaVia.

Chocolate CocoaVia is good for you, really This chocolate study has therefore proven that people could actually eat CocoaVia at most about two bars in one day and still see a relevant reduction in the levels of cholesterol in their body. CocoaVia is the first snack bar to ever offer combined cocoa flavanols and sterols.

Overall, chocolate is good for the hearts health Based on the study done by the University of California, Davis, it has concluded that chocolates - specifically cocoa - contains natural plant nutrients that are healthy for the heart. This plant nutrient is flavanols. The study by UC Davis examined what the effects are of a snack food that contains sterol that is cocoa based.

Believe it or not, the American Heart Association as well as the National Cholesterol Education Program has recommended that if sterols from soy is included in the diet, it could help lower the levels of cholesterol significantly.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration back in the year 2002 has approved a claim that sterol is able to significantly lower the risk of heart disease via a decrease in cholesterol levels. The study was composed of two groups. One was composed of thirty five participants that that were given placebo snack bars (these bars do not contain sterol) two times a day while another group composed also of thirty five participants received bars that contain sterols from plants.

All the cholesterol levels of the participants were then checked during the studys beginning as well as in the middle. The levels were also checked two times by the end of the studys period specifically six weeks.

The results were conclusive. The study began with the participants having a cholesterol level of more than 240 mg/dl as well as more than 160mg/dl. But at the studys end, the cholesterol LDL as well as the ratio of HDL total had a dramatic decrease by almost five percent to seven percent respectively on those who ate snack bars that are plant sterol enriched.

It was also discovered that no significant changes in ones weight or blood pressure were seen in both groups.

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Mars, Incorporateds in-house research chemist has concluded that plant sterols is an ingredient that are proven clinically to lower cholesterol levels. Cardiologists and physicians have therefore recommended that spreads containing sterols be used by patients with heart-heath issues.

Good for the heart, but is it good for the tongue?

Take heed and relax as doctors have also recommended that the benefits of flavanols from cocoa does not only include cardiovascular health but it also tastes great too.

All in all, CocoaVia and cocoa flavanols for that matter have effects that are positive for the heart and the overall health of an individual. It really takes an open mind to be able to grasp a complete understanding of the benefits of cocoa.