Chocolate Peanut Snack Mix

Making snack mixes are a great way to bond with your child - especially if they like to bake or cook or help you in the kitchen. And this chocolate peanut snack mix is no exception. Not only will your child have fun making something with you, but the end result will please even the most die-hard chocoholic.

This easy appetizer recipe has many uses with one of them being a great treat at Halloween. But don't stop there, use your imagination. Snack mixes are always popular at parties and can be used as a party favor and wrapped up in gauzy material, tied with a ribbon or packaged in a fun clear glass jar with a nice note attached.

What you'll need for Chocolate Peanut Snack Mix:
- 4 cups shredded or corn chex-type cereal (square)
- 3 cups pretzels (salted)
- 2 cups peanuts (salted)
- 1 1/2 cups semisweet or milk chocolate chips
- 1/2 cup peanut butter (smooth)
- 1/4 cup butter or margarine
- 1 1/2 cups sugar (powdered)
- 2 Tablespoons cocoa (baking type)

You can mix the ingredients in a large stainless steel bowl or use a couple of smaller bowls to evenly distribute the mix.

First, spread out long sheets of waxed paper on a table or countertop. Then, mix together the cereal, pretzels, and peanuts. You'll need to toss the ingredients evenly to distribute.

Next, put into the microwave the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and margarine. Microwave on a normal setting for 30 second intervals. In between the intervals, stir the mixture until everything is melted and smooth.

Then, pour the chocolate mix over the cereal mix and toss it well to coat evenly. You'll want to spread the mixture out on the wax paper that you put down earlier. And then, in a small bowl, mix together the powdered sugar and cocoa. The final step is to sprinkle the cocoa mixture over the chocolate coated mix. Let it all dry thoroughly and then place the snack mix in a tightly sealed container to store until you are ready to use. Deeelish!

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