Chocolate The Sinful Treat!

What does rich, dark, melting and drop dead heavenly remind you of? Some good looking guy of course! Surprise, I am not talking about any guy. I am talking about chocolate.... melt-in-the mouth chocolate.

Chocolate is one thing that very few people can actually resist and those who do it too, know very well how hard it is to keep away from temptation. No wonder, this food is rightly termed as the Original Sin! This dark covered (sometimes light) sensation is so popular that we actually have a 'Chocolate Day' celebration all over the world! This day is celebrated on the birthday of Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey Chocolates. One great way of celebrating this event, apart from gorging on a few of this treat is to know a little more about the history of this day... like what chocolate is, how is it made and where does it come from?

As most of us already know, this delicious food item is made from the fermented, roasted and ground beans taken from the pod of the cacao tree. It is this solid and fat combination sweetened with sugar and other ingredients that is made into these foodie bars and commonly called Chocolate. There are innumerable varieties of chocolate all waiting to be devoured upon, like dark chocolates, light chocolates, bitter chocolates, milk chocolates, plain chocolates... so on and so forth. It all depends what kind of a chocolate lover you are and what are the varieties you can make, and then christen it with a name of your choice. It's true! There are recipes passed down from generations and you bet, that they are fiercely guarded from zealous and prying eyes.

Apart from these choco-lious details, there is something about chocolate that lends a feel-good factorabout it. Chocolate is very often described as a comfort food. This is very true as there are few happy chemicals found in chocolate that makes us feel good. But hey, there is also a downside to this fact as too much consumption of happy chemicals can get down to a good sized addiction, but who really cares? When there is box of chocolates sitting in front of your eyes, are you really going to think about weight watching and all other ailments... it's not the right time. Believe me, indulge first, bite into heaven and then deal with the results!

Research says that a bite of dark chocolate is actually good for your health and when you have this kind of statements issued, there is nothing that can stop chocolate lovers from getting their hands full! And how can we possibly miss out on the versatility of this food? A box of chocolate acts as a gift, enough to bring a smile on most faces, acts as a get-well-soon impetuous, a sweet birthday gift and definitely acts as the perfect make-up reason to get back to your beloved. And what about Christmas? Christmas is absolutely bleak without chocolate! What about all those yummy chocolate-chipped cookies, that delicious cake baked by grand mom, mom's heavenly yule log... I don't even want to think about them now, I can feel my weight shooting up at the mere thought of all these treats! It does have a solution to all issues? Isn't!

So what are we waiting for? There is no time to think about anything else. Lets just dig in... there is a whole lot of chocolates out there to eat and to send to send to all your loved ones. You can do more to bring a smile on their faces by sending them yummy and rich Ecards for Chocolate Day from sites such as

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