Chocolates: Is It Really The Original Sin?

So naturally when it was first introduced in Europe most of the people continued to associate chocolates with love & physical bonding. After much research scientists have come up with some theories. Chocolates contain some amounts of caffeine and Theo bromine which are known to be stimulants. Apart from this it contains some substances like Serotonin & Phenyl ethylamine which are known to reduce anxiety & lift up ones sprit and change of moods. These ingredients have brought in discussions of aphrodisiac since the ancient times. Moreover research suggests that women are more likely to be get effected by Phenyl ethylamine and Serotonin than men. But one thing is for sure. Amongst all such allegations & accusations labeled; it has captured the imagination of most peoples around the world. Not only it is just a product which is consumed but numerous beverages & foods are processed from it.

Basically it is made from Cocoa beans. The liquor which is later processed is blended with butter to make different types of chocolates. Traditionally there are there types of basic blends of chocolate liquor namely: Dark Chocolate: It is prepared without milk as an additive, having lot more cocoa than other forms of chocolate. It is sometimes also called as Plain Chocolate. Milk chocolate: It is made with adding milk powder. The percentage of milk is quite high in this. White chocolate: Though it officially cannot be called a Chocolate as it does not have liquor but it is based on Cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Its extremely popular among all age groups specially young children and well of course the women (who can deny their secret closeness with it !!), and those lip-smacking ice creams & fudges which make us forget all those extra calories committing the ultimate sin of filling our heart with lots of it . This industry has emerged as a major player in the Food and Beverage sector.

Hershey Company is the Americas largest chocolate company founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894, other major players in the market includes Wilbur Chocolate Company, & Cadburys. You can even find a variety of virtual chocolates in the form of cards. A few sites like have an entire category dedicated to chocolates. So the argument can continue that it has aphrodisiac qualities or not but no one can deny that it can win many a loved hearts for you. So the next time when you visit your girlfriend be sure to gift a box of chocolate or send some yummy chocolate ecards, to bring a smile on her face and well who knows it may really helps as an aphrodisiac for both of you to commit the original sin

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