Finding A Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe

Sooner or later, everyone who's made a New York cheesecake starts getting bored with the same old perfection every time. They start looking for variations, and frequently that's where they start to go horribly wrong. The chocolate chip cheesecake recipe is one of the first most people try, and it's one that can be fraught with peril if you don't choose your recipe carefully.

The problem is that there are so bloody many sources for recipes these days. Years ago, most people got their cheesecake recipes two ways: They either whipped out their trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and used the one there or, if they were especially lucky, they got a time-tested recipe passed down from gramma or an old aunt.

Not so today. Go to your local bookstore and check the cookbook section and you'll be staggered. Not only are there hundreds of "general" cookbooks that will take you from soup to dessert, but there are specific cookbooks just for dessert. Got your mind wrapped around that? There are even also cookbooks that specify just in cheesecake. That's right. There are entire cookbooks devoted to cheesecake recipes, and you can bet there are at least two or three chocolate chip cheesecake recipes in each one.

Then, of course, there's the Internet. The greatest information resource in the history of the world is also the greatest tiger trap waiting to trap the unwary cook and leave them with a bowl of useless ingredients that not only won't make a proper cheesecake, but might likely release toxic fumes from being mixed together.

Of course there are some great ones, too. But how can you tell which is which? The best judge of a chocolate chip cheesecake recipe is comparison. Do the ingredients and process compare well to your classic New York recipe? They should, as you're not really making major changes to the structure. If the steps and amounts match up fairly well, you're well on your way to cheesecake success.

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