Gourmet Chocolate Gifts - The Gift with Meaning

Gourmet chocolate gifts can be more then just another gift you give someone, they can contain meaning. Each piece says a little more then the last as it is consumed and enjoyed. Chocolate in itself, when given as a gift, says I love you. This is the basis for such holidays as Valentines day, or other special days like anniversaries, or birthdays. They also can be interpreted by the type or filling. Use your imagination and create something special between you and a loved one. A unique tradition, or perhaps a hidden meaning that only exists between you two. The beauty of chocolate is that not only is it awesome to eat, but since its so popular and accepted that it can create a bond, feeling, mood, or something just special that didnt exist before.

There are some holidays practically built around chocolate. Valentines is one of these holidays. The whole idea behind Valentines Day is that its focused on love. Chocolate is consumed enmass on valentines, and tons of chocolate gifts are given. The classic heart shaped box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers completes the ensemble that shows your special someone your true feelings. The gifts, a date, and a kiss and the day is complete.

Other occasions for chocolate are many. Some possibilities are:

  1. Christmas. There are many themed chocolates that appear around this time of year.
  2. Easter. Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs galore
  3. Thanksgiving. While there is no specific reason for chocolate to be given around this time, its certainly an option as a show of hospitality for being invited over.
  4. Weddings. Chocolate says love and weddings are love. That says it all right there.

What about the many days in-between all these events? Should all that chocolate just sit idly by? Cravings come, a desire to snack, or you perhaps just feel like it, whatever the reason any time is a good time to go buy some. With the recent discovery that chocolate has health benefits, there is no guilt involved.

Joe Cobb
Website: Forever-Chocolates.com
July 3, 2006

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