Gourmet Chocolate - Its all in the Filling

The flavors that can be added to chocolate to enhance it are numerous. Some are added into the chocolate itself to create a new taste, or the flavors are added to the filling so that its released when the chocolate layer is broken. Some of the most recognized chocolate treats that are based around different fillings are chocolate truffles. These treats offer a plythora of fillings and flavors. From creams, to nougets, to nuts, the choices are many. Other chocolates that might contain fillings are chocolate bars. These are not without their options too. Some bars contain a liquid type filling, which is released upon biting into it. Other fillings might be solids such as creams or pastes; caramel is a popular one. Apart from a filling that might occupy a cavity in the chocolate, are ingridients that might be scattered throughout solid chocolate. One of the most well known additions is crispie pieces, or crispy rice. The Nestle Crunch bar is a good example of this. Other things might be toffee bits, or nuts of various sorts, peanuts usually being a favorite.

Some common flavors are:

  1. Mint flavoring. This is always a common and well liked flavor.
  2. Orange flavoring. A common flavor that adds to the overall richness of the chocolate
  3. Raspberry flavoring. A nice sweetness.
  4. Coconut. Not only is the flavoring added, but sometiems coconut pieces are thrown in too to create the coconut texture.
  5. Espresso beans. A nice coffee flavor, and maybe an edible bean or two.
  6. Caramel. This is a common addition thats found quite often in various chocolate products usually as a filling.

Some flavors compliment different types of chocolate better then others. For instance the smoothness of milk chocolate suits a caramel filling better then perhaps white chocolate. Ive just barely touched the surface here as far as the variety and vastness of fillings and flavors that can be added to chocolate. Some companies offer variety packs that are preselected, and others that you can create of your own tastes. Imagine what you would like to try with chocolate and see if you can find it.

Joe Cobb
Website: Forever-Chocolates.com
December 14, 2005

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