Finding A Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe

(Submitted by: Andrew Krause)

Sooner or later, everyone who's made a New York cheesecake starts getting bored with the same old perfection every time. They start looking for variations, and frequently that's where they start to go horribly wrong. The chocolate chip cheesecake ... Read article

Chocolate Cocoavia Can Help Make Cholesterol Low

(Submitted by: Dr. Michael Lee)

Believe it or not, research has shown that plant-based sterols that come from soy and if added to a snack bar that is also cocoa-based could reduce significantly the levels of cholesterol in the body.Due to this research as well as decades ... Read article

Modifying Your Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe

(Submitted by: Andrew Krause)

Just like the traditional New York cheesecake, the chocolate chip cheesecake recipe is ripe for modification. It basically involves just one modification to the traditional recipe: adding chocolate chips.Once you've broken that "addition ... Read article

Chocolate - Another Thing The French Are Famous For

(Submitted by: Gregg Hall)

France is famous for many things, such as the Eiffel Tower, and high fashion. They are also famous for their rich cuisine such as crepes and quiche lorraine. They are well noted for their pastries, wine and of course, chocolate.Chocolate ... Read article

Triple Chocolate Brownies with Mount Gay Rum by Food Affairs

(Submitted by: Billy O'Dell)

Food Affairs of Barbados is proud to have recently catered an event at Sandalo, the lavishly appointed beach front luxury villa owned by John and Stephanie Hawkins, who also reside in Berkshire, England. Guests of honor were British Prime ... Read article

A Look At Some Of The Most Famous French Chocolate Makers

(Submitted by: Gregg Hall)

French chocolate is one of the most popular types of confection in the world. It is used in many tasty treats such as chocolate mousse and the ever popular chocolate eclair. Chocolate truffles have long been favored for their rich taste and ... Read article

Easy Chocolate Cake Roll

(Submitted by: Paige Landes)

Here is a recipe that my family loves. I like to add some variety to this roll by sprinkling white chocolate chips on the whipped topping before I roll it up.Easy Chocolate Cake RollThe Cake: 1/3 cup cake flour 1/3 cup unsweetened ... Read article

Birmingham and Chocolate Factory

(Submitted by: Constance Blair)

Birmingham is beautiful English city, one of the main centers of technical education. Its the second biggest city in Britain, located in the very heart of the country, in Warwickshire County. Its not one of the most popular tourist destinations ... Read article

There is proof that Chocolate is Good for You

(Submitted by: Allison Thompson)

Here is some startling and great news for chocolate lovers everywhere. It is good for us! But only under certain circumstances.In an article in the Washington Post dated 9 February 2005, Katherine Tallmadge a spokesperson for the American ... Read article

Super Chocolate Cookies

(Submitted by: Cristie Will)

SUPER CHOCOLATE COOKIESIngredients:-cup Walnuts, chopped 8-ounces Cream cheese, softened 1-teaspoon Vanilla 1-stick Butter, softened 1-large Egg 1-box (18-ounces) Chocolate cake mix ... Read article

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