LG Chocolate Phone - I''m Not Quite Happy With The Results... Any Solutions?

Ive just bought an LG Chocolate phone, Im not quite happy with the results .any solutions?

To make the best out of this gorgeous clamshell, one certainly needs to flip over the user manual! At the first go, this handset may come across as a fidgety little thing with a little too-sensitive ipod inspired navigation wheel, keys that are soft to touch a disappointing battery life, leaving you wondering, if all it has are the stunning looks to its credit.

But youve got to be patient with this baby.

Whether it is the navigation of menu, the quality of call, connectivity, its design, capacity to accommodate music, shoot videos and other multimedia features it does a decent job! But for sure, nothing can match up with the entrancing looks of this phone. It gives you a perfect style statement along with an array of other features that provide for you staying connected and entertained at the same time.

And contrary to the popular notion about LG Chocolates battery life, it certainly has a better battery life, than is expected of such a feature rich cell phone, unless you are an aggressive user when in that case you might need to recharge the phone every few hours after having extensively explored all its calling, messaging and music features etc.

With no speakers and fm facilities, it might initially come as a rude shock to accustomed cell phone users, but having a close look, you sure will be floored with features like the 1.3 mega pixel camera, 128 MB shared internal memory, USB 1.2 mass storage support, touch pad navigation and a menu that is quick to response.

So give it a while before you rule out this beauty in the domain of performance !