LG KG800 Chocolate -- An Elegant Mobile Phone from LG

Most of us want the good things that life has to offer. We like living in luxury, we like to ride fast cars, we like to taste exotic food, etc. We also like it when we can use the latest and most elegant mobile phones, which have the power to make an appreciable difference in the quality of our lives. The LG KG800 chocolate is one such mobile phone handset that actually tempts many among us with its elegant looks, stylish design and a multitude of highly innovative features. Let us get to know this mobile phone in some detail.

When we look at the handset, it appears like a bar of chocolate and hence the name. One of the unique features of the LG KG800 Chocolate is a heat sensitive touchpad, which can be activated only by the warmth of our hands. As long as we do not touch it, it remains invisible.

The LG KG800 chocolate also comes with a unique array of technological features. An integrated music player, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with flash, a high resolution LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, tri-band compatibility and 128 MB of integrated memory are some of the key features of the KG800 model from LG. Owners of this handset can also use it for accessing their emails as well as for sending SMS, EMS and MMS messages.

Mobile network operators in the UK are offering attractive contract mobile phone deals on this innovative and highly stylish mobile phone from LG. The KG800 deals have been received well by mobile phone users. For many among them, the availability of LG KG800 chocolate mobile phone on contract has been nothing less than a miracle of sorts. At present, they are making the most of the favorable market conditions and enjoying the affordable monthly line rentals and cost effective tariff options of many of these KG800 deals.