LG KG800 Chocolate -- Delighting Phone Users Worldwide!

The LG KG800 chocolate is one of the latest models of innovatively designed mobile phones to have hit the market. The design of the handset is minimalist yet sleek. The handset looks like a bar of chocolate and thats the reason for its unique name. And with its sleek design and a multitude of highly sophisticated features, it is living up to its name and tempting and delighting phone users worldwide.

As a matter of fact, the LG KG800 chocolate phones have redefined the parameters of style. Users worldwide have been fascinated with the touch-sensitive navigation, hidden display and stunning form factor. They have enjoyed the high resolution of the LCD screen; they have listened to music of their choice in the mp3 player; they have captured images and memories in the multi-megapixel digital camera! They have used the dedicated mp3/camera button to shift to the different modes and have controlled the music with the touch pad.

As a matter of fact, this latest lg phone comes with a number of features that take the mobile experience of a person to a whole new level. For instance, the color screen of the LG KG800 chocolate phone appears only when a person needs it.

This chocolate LG slider phone is also Bluetooth enabled. As an owner of this handset, you could talk handsfree with a Bluetooth headset or exchange files with another Bluetooth compatible device. Tri-band compatibility, email access, SMS, EMS and MMS are some of the other key features of this mobile phone handset.

You could acquire this slim and innovative mobile phone by availing of attractive contract deals from network operators which include Orange, Vodafone and O2. The LG KG800 chocolate deals, with the provision of free gifts, affordable line rentals and cost-effective tariff structures are quite popular among phone users worldwide. Added incentives such as 6 months free line rentals also go a long way in making these deals all the more interesting.