LG KG800 White: the White-hued Chocolate!

The Zebra fashion world of black and white has spiced up the mobile phone ramp! The black is turning white and the waves are turning into tides! To answer the fashion calls of the GenX, Black Chocolate is now available as LG KG800 White!

Retaining the innate traits of the original Chocolate, the LG KG800 White is a mystifying handset a class of its own! Loaded with amazing features, the White phone will reveal even more when you slide it to open to find a sensitive touch pad that glows red with your soft touch. The Unique heat sensitive touch pad, however, does not respond to any other material touch but fingers! The touch pad disappears when not in use, adding up to the clean exterior finish LG KG800 White.

The LG KG800 White flashes an astonishing 256K TFT colour screen with an amazing quality and clarity! If you are a camera savvy, the 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital Zoom and flash is ready for you to start clicking. The flash adds to the quality of your pictures especially during the night. It also supports an integrated music player compatible to your PC to relax you with your favourite downloaded sound tracks.

The other noticeable features of LG KG800 White includes the latest Bluetooth Version 1.2 that has an enhanced voice processing system, Java technology with MIDP 2.0 specification for an improved user interface, multimedia and game functionality along with GPRS for a virtually permanent online status. Operating at tri-band, the LG KG800 White has a decent memory space and a plenty of customization scope. However, the handset is prone to accidental key pressing some may find it too plastic in touch.