Pricey Gourmet Chocolate - The Price Justifies the Product

Now, Ill bet, that in your search for high quality gourmet chocolate, you have come across some rather large price labels. What would warrant this chocolate to have such a high price while other, more mass produced chocolate that can be bought in the local market, is cheaper? Well, there are some very good reasons for this.

Chocolate Creation Establishes Quality

The first and foremost reason for the high prices is the quality of the chocolate. Its harder and more costly to make high quality chocolate then to mass produce it and sell it at low prices. There are elements in the chocolate that take more effort to retain during the creation process that could more easily be removed and replaced with lesser ingredients. These same ingredients that usually get replaced in cheaper chocolate are usually also the same ones that offer health, and other useful benefits.

The Appeal is in the look

Design plays an important role in the appeal of chocolate. Would you prefer a lump of brown mush, or a nicely shaped piece of chocolate with color, style, and design? Not only is it an indescribable taste, but its a site to behold as well. Chocolate can be as much an art form as it can a treat.

Presentation is key

To extend on the design aspect of the chocolate, I would like to also mention packaging. When you send away for a selection of these chocolates, you dont get a paper box, a few words, and all the chocolates stuffed together inside. No, what you get is a choice palette of all your chocolates all placed together in the choicest fashion . Some packages are even put together in elegantly designed wood boxes with separate drawers for the chocolate, and others are presented in very elegant baskets or other containers.

Variety is the spice of life, and flavor for chocolate

One of the most important things that you receive is flavors. The selection of flavors is vast for stuffed chocolates such as truffles, or layered chocolates. Various nougats, fruit fillings and enhancements, nuts, alcohols, creams, mints, and so much more. Your average chocolate selection at the store down the street does not usually expand beyond Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or caramel.

Gourmet Chocolate makes a wonderful gift

To take it one step further, all this put together makes for a great gift for any chocoholic loved one you may know. The packaging alone makes for the perfect presentation, then you just wrap it in gift paper, and give it away. If your ordering it and sending it directly to that person, you may also have the choice to send a personalized card with it. Look around at the shop your buying the chocolates from for this option.

So in the end, would you say the price is worth it? I guess that just depends on how crazy you are for chocolate.

Joe Cobb
August31, 2005

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