The Chocolate of Greenacres

Greenacres, in chilling similarity to the theme song, can indeed be the place to be. It is a small but pleasant town in Palm Beach County, with an attraction that makes it the place to go for lovers of confections and treats. The hard journey to Greenacres will pay off ten-fold, once you arrive at the land of chocolate that is Hoffmans Chocolate Factory.

Every red-blooded American is a fan of factory tours theres something intriguing (perhaps, almost sordid) about seeing how something is made, and getting free goodies. The voyeuristic rush gleaned from watching the unsuspecting workers bottle beer, wrap bricks of cheese, or pour sugar into molds can be almost too much for me to handle at times. As a result, I am constantly seeking out factory tours to take. When the tour is for a product that I very much enjoy, it is all the sweeter, so to speak. To that end, I hardily recommend the Hoffmans Chocolate Factory tour in Greenacres.

The Hoffman family has been making chocolate for over 30 years, always making a commitment to use the finest and freshest ingredients from around the globe to make sure the chocolates they produce are world-class. Their hard work has paid off; they now produce over 70 different confections, as well as chocolate fountains that you can buy for events. They are widely regarded as one of the finest chocolatiers around (Bon Appetit magazine named them one of the best chocolate shops in America). Keeping this in mind, its a small wonder why thousands flock to their factory, to catch a glimpse of these fine confections at their genesis.

Consider taking the chocolate lover in your life on a special trip to see the awesome, nougatty majesty that is the Hoffman Chocolate Factory. Why not start the decadence from the get-go by taking a limousine from Millenium Limo to Greenacres, enjoying the trip there as much as the tour (plus, on the trip back you can partake in the chocolates you no doubt end up with after the tour, loosening your seat belt to appease an ever expanding stomach). Greenacres is the chocolate-lovers Mecca dont miss out!

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