The Ten Questions and Answers About Chocolate

The following questions and answers are just for fun. Please don't take them seriously. Feel Free to share them with your friends. 1. What does it mean if you have chocolate all over your hands after eating your favorite candy bar?

It means you ate the candy bar way to slow.

2. Are chocolate covered strawberries considered a fruit?


3. Can I eat chocolate on my diet?

Eat a chocolate bar before every meal. It will take the edge off your appetite and you will eat less.

4. How can I get all my chocolate home from the grocery store with it melting in the hot car.

The solution is quite simply: eat the chocolate before you get home.

5. How can I reduce the calories in my chocolate.

Store it inside your fridge. This will cause the calories to get cold and leave the chocolate.

6. If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet?

Correct me if I am wrong but balance is recommended in any diet.

7. Won't chocolate cause me to age faster?

Quite the opposite. Chocolate is loaded with preservatives. Hence, you should eat more chocolate because preservatives help you look youner.

8. Won't eating chocolate ruin my calorie intake for the day?

A nice box of See's candy will provide you with your total calorie intake for one day. Hence, simply eat chocolate. What an easy way to count calories.

9. Besides being really good, what are the benefits of eating chocolate.

Eating chocolate is good for the economy. If no one ate chocolate several industries could go under. For example, chocolate factories, girdle factories, control top panty hose companies, weight loss clinics, gyms. Wow, the list just keeps going. Just think of all the people who would be out of a job if we all stopped eating chocolate.

10. Why do women crave chocolate when on their monthly cycle.

Because chocolate puts us in a good mood. Hence, encourage your wife to eat chocolate during those 'special times'. She will be much easier to get along with.

The above questions and answers were developed by a group of my friends on a day when we had nothing better to do. Enjoy but don't take them seriously. The answers really don't work, but they are good for a little chuckle.

Donna Rivera-Loudon
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Donna has an MBA in Information Technology and is currently a Tupperware Director and CEO of her own company. She also teaches online Management and Business classes for a local community college as well as computer classes for a four-year university.

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