Which Chocolate Bar Shall I Choose?

We see everyday superhuman efforts by people, the miners trapped under ground for two weeks in Tasmania, the guy who was trapped in a landslide at Thredbo and had his wife die next to him. What gave these people the strength to endure these horrific situations? The power of their mind. They kept a vision of being rescued and what was going to happen in the future, it was this vision and the belief and faith in their vision that got them through. Because of their absolute vision and their belief they got through and were eventually rescued.

These short term visions and the faith are so powerful yet we do not use them in our day to day life. We would much rather muddle along stressing out and bulldozing our way through, when all we need to do is stop, take a breath, and visualize our situation. We then paint the picture and an outcome that suits us. Before you get carried away, this is not easy. Doing it and getting small results will give you the belief. However if you are not in total belief and ready to receive, things will not work out. The reason being, you are not giving a clear signal and the Formless Wonder will not know exactly what you want, and therefore will give you what you do not want.

The reason that the people that were trapped in life threatening situations, are so clear in their wants, is purely and simply they had no alternatives. That is a great way of focusing the mind. It is similar to giving sweets to the kids. Say you had four children and four different chocolate bars, they draw lots and get to choose the bar of their choice. For the first three children this is a real problem because they have a choice, as soon as they have chosen, they start having doubts, as to whether this was the best bar to take, it becomes easier as the bars disappear. For the final kid there is no choice, his situation is therefore very easy because he has not got to think, the others have done all the work. The final child had no choices therefore it was easy for him, but he may not have received the bar of his preference.

We have more choices if we just focus and believe NOW. Remember we do not have to draw lots to decide when it is our turn to choose, but as with the chocolate bars, if you procrastinate your choices start disappearing. Most people leave focusing and creating a positive vision too late. They wait until they have no choice. At any time the first kid could have changed his mind before selecting, but at some point he had to make his decision. Providing that he has given it full consideration he will have no regrets, but if he has selected without any thought he will be wondering if he had made the right selection and these are the confused signals that we send out when we are not clear as to what we want. It is much better to create your vision when things are going well, rather than waiting until you are desperate.

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