Coffee - When You Really Need That Caffeine Buzz

There are many ways to jumpstart a day, you can go and stand under a cold shower, have someone yell at you as if they were asking someone to send breakfast from the adjoining county, and so on, or you could drink a cup of strong coffee. Some people say that eating one apple is better for this sort of thing but they obviously don't drink coffee.

There are a lot of people who sleep heavily and wake up groggy because even the regularly scheduled eight hours is not enough for them. Then there are people who sleep very badly so their quota of sleep is not met by the time the sun rises. Both types, need a coffee jolt in the morning to shake off that 'still need to sleep some more' feeling.

However, these days coffee is not simply something that clears the mental cobwebs and gives people a bright eye and the courage to face another day. Coffee has become more than an emergency standby. It is now the beverage to be consumed many times in the course of a day.

Coffee when you wake up, coffee when you arrive to work, coffee during the first break, and another cup with lunch. And on and on it goes. Coffee all the time. Sometimes, it is justified too. If you have attended meetings, you know what it means. If you are in the speaker's position you need to be alert and not start yawning halfway through the presentation, coffee helps. If you are the audience and you sit there wishing you were a hundred miles away, fishing perhaps, then coffee can provide that semblance of alertness that makes everyone think you are really paying attention. In short, no matter what the occasion or need is, coffee has become a good old standby.

Then there are the coffeehouses on your way while taking a stroll. Some people probably use the coffeehouse as an excuse to walk. If they didn't have a coffeehouse a couple of blocks away, they had to go a long time without getting out of their home and seeing the rest of humanity, who is also drinking coffee. Sadly, there are too many coffeehouses now days, so people tend to walk less and less, which is not a good thing because nothing gives you energy like coffee to walk around even when tired.

The height of decadent comfort comes along with coffeehouses that have drive through facilities. You can just grab a cuppa java on your way to work or after work (or going anywhere) and your legs never have to feel your weight.

Too much coffee can lead to a chain reaction of sleep related problems. Coffee drives sleep away, so if you have a cup close to bed time, then you wont get a good night's sleep. You will feel groggier in the morning and drink some more coffee. By lunchtime, you will be running on coffee energy only. Come night time, if you don't change your habits, you will drink coffee again and by the end of the week you wont be able to survive without it, no matter what time of the day it is.

Coffee is a good thing, with a nice taste, nice after effects and a good mental cleaner, but like everything, be careful how much you drink and when you drink it.

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