How To Enjoy Delicious Quality Gourmet Coffee At Home

Coffee is a favorite beverage around the world. Morning, noon, or night a fresh cup of coffee is satisfying. In recent years we have been introduced to a wide array of coffees include gourmet. Gourmet coffee is considered gourmet because it is freshly ground from the coffee beans. Learning to make a great cup of gourmet coffee at home is deeply satisfying and simple as long as you keep in mind a few simple tips.

For the best flavor you should purchase whole coffee beans from specialty shops only. Although larger grocery stores are starting to carry coffee beans, the specialty shops beans tend to be fresher and therefore have more flavors.

When you grind your coffee beans only grind enough for current needs. This will keep the coffee fresh longer. If you don't have a grinder and buy the ground coffee, keep it in an airtight container. I t is important to close the bag or container tightly to keep the aroma in the coffee. Keep the coffee in a cool dry place, if you keep it in the refrigerator or freezer keeps it away from foods which produce a strong odor. The flavors may mix making the coffee bitter tasting. Try to use you coffee up in a few days to two weeks since coffee loses flavor quickly.

Water from the tap is fine although some people swear by fresh bottled spring water. No matter which type of water you choose, always use the coldest water possible. Water contains more oxygen the colder it is making the coffee richer and more flavorful. Do not use distilled water as it produces a flat cup of coffee.

Measuring your coffee is more a matter of taste than anything else. Generally it is recommended 1 teaspoon of coffee for every six ounces of water. Don't trust the measurements on your coffeemaker. Measure out the water to get the best tasting gourmet coffee.

When brewing, the best cup of gourmet coffee is brewed using the manual drip method, a French press pot, or a vacuum pot. Traditional drip pots do an okay job but vary greatly from each other. Some of the best coffeepots are quite expensive but well worth the money. Your coffee should only be kept warm on the burner for twenty minutes, after that it will become bitter. You should brew your coffee no more than five minutes before you plan to drink it, after that transfer the coffee to a thermos or carafe.

Drinking gourmet coffee black will preserve the most flavor. Using creamer in your coffee will produce a richer creamier taste. Skim milk will not change the taste much unless you add a lot, therefore is not recommended. If you would like to add sugar raw sugar will add sweeter flavor than white. For artificial sweeteners Splenda is recommended as other sweeteners will add a bitter taste to your coffee.

Making a gourmet cup of coffee at home is pleasing and easy to do. The flavor and aroma will satisfy you as well as stepping into your favorite specialty shop. Enjoy your gourmet coffee to the fullest by following these tips!

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