Diedrich Coffee Huehuetenango 2 - 5 Lb Bags of Beans

Diedrich Coffee Huehuetenango 2 - 5 Lb Bags of Beans

Please note that this product ships directly from Diedrich and only takes 2-3 days to ship. Diedrich Coffee Huehuetenango is a medium roasted coffee. Made with beans from Guatemala's rugged Western highlands, Diedrich Coffee Huehuetenango is a delightfully crisp, clean, and smooth coffee. The rich body and chocolate secrets make a good counterpoint to balance this coffee. Two 5Lbs Bags of Beans

  Huehuetenango, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Bucks County Coffee Guatemala Antigua 1lb Bag Ground or Whole Bean

Bucks County Coffee from Antigua Guatemala 1lb Bag Ground or Whole Bean

     This unique blend comes from the rich volcanic soil and cool air found near the Guatemalan capital. That's where the beans are grown, at an elevation of 6,000 feet. The coffee has elegant, rich flavors, with hints of spice.
Bucks County Coffee Guatemala Antigua 1lb Bag Ground or Whole Bean
Guatemala Antigua 1lb bag of Beans

Guatemala Antigua 1lb bag Ground


Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend 18 2.5oz Bags

Starbucks Coffee - Breakfast Blend 18 2.5oz Bags

     Starbucks Coffee Breakfast blend is roasted using beans from Guatemala to Colombia to Mexico to Ethiopia. The pursuit of these perfect beans is what makes Breakfast Blend unique. The coffee beans used are roasted to its natural flavor peak and is clean, flavorful, gentle, and has a sparkling acidity. Breakfast Blend makes a bright impression and a wonderful accompaniment to the beginning of the day. One bag makes a pot of coffee.

Starbucks Portion Pack Coffee (18ct.) for $43

New York Coffee Guatemala 1Lb Bag

New York Coffee Guatemala -beans- 5Lb Bag

The Antigua district of Guatemala has an altitude of 5000-6000 feet and has a unique rich volcanic soil. That's where this coffee is grown and that's why the coffee has a distinguishable heavy body with subtly smoky spicy overtones making for one lively cup of coffee. Remarkable!

New York Coffee Guatemala "Antigua" Green 5 Lb Bag - $39

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