Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Those with discerning coffee tastes can truly appreciate a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Known as the 'Grand Dame of Coffees' and the 'Java of Kings', Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is sweet and clean, full-bodied and intensely aromatic.

Grown on the rough and rugged Blue Mountains in Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee has been a select and elite coffee for over two centuries. It's unique and rich flavor is also the reason it is a rare and sought after blend. In order to achieve its superiority to other coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown at higher elevations than other coffees in the world. The Blue Mountains climb to over 7,400 feet, and their drainage, rainfall, rich soil, and cool climate produce an extremely smooth and rich coffee.

Because of the region where it is grown, Jamaican Blue Mountain is not mass produced. The low sales volumes certainly have little to do with flavor, as coffee lovers for years have boasted about this prestigious label. The lower sales level is credited to the cost of the coffee. You see, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown in rugged conditions under very strict supervision and guidelines which are closely guarded throughout the process. Only coffee approved and tested to meet the high-quality standards of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board can be certified as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

In order to achieve the full, yet delicate, flavors and aroma of this exclusive blend, a combination of the climate and soil of the Blue Mountain region produces a coffee cherry which stays on the tree three to four months longer than average coffees. This allows the bean to slowly ripen and grow, producing a truer, richer flavor than average coffees. Jamaican Blue Mountain roast is also one of the freshest coffees in the universe. Its low production volumes ensure that each batch is shipped at it's freshest - in either green or roasted form.

Those who are lucky enough to savor the flavor of true Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, can easily identify it as a choice coffee fit for a king. Buyers of the whole bean can also identify the prestigious blend by its signature wooden barrels, complete with certification and stamp of approval only earned by true Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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