Wrought Iron Coffee Tables: Made Out Of Wrought Iron?

If you own real wrought iron coffee tables then you are one lucky son of a gun. Most of the people who buy "wrought iron" are actually purchasing what is really only worked iron. This metal tends to look a lot like wrought but in fact it is far from it. Our definition of "wrought" iron has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when it was a very particularly treated metal now we seem to give the term away for free. If the metal is hammered at all in any way we want to call it wrought iron. But is it really?

The vast majority of companies out there that are making things like wrought iron coffee tables are really only using mild steel. They can get the same kind of look from the metal by working it a certain way. The composition of the metal is really very different indeed though. These days the look of wrought metal can be accomplished without the use of a forge! Technology!

Real wrought iron coffee tables will have that rougher surface, the surface of real ferrous metals whereas steel often is smooth. The smooth look just isn't the same and that is why many furniture makers are starting to roughen up the outside of the furniture pieces. This lends more the real wrought iron look. Underneath it is still a much smoother and more solid metal but who cares if you can't see it?

The fact of the matter is that wrought iron coffee tables whether they are really wrought iron or not can absolutely glorious. The color and the finish are perfect for any room of your home. Just make sure that you know the score before you buy them because you don't want to get taken for a ride. Mild steel tables will be much less costly than actual wrought iron ones. So know your stuff when you walk into any store and make sure that the salesperson knows you know it too. That way he or she will be much less likely to take advantage of you.

Tony has worked in a furniture workshop for more than 12 years. He has worked on numerous pieces of wrought iron furniture and has enough knowledge to give you his quick 3-step evaluation of the metal as well as his insights on wrought iron wall decor. This is made available to the public via his wrought iron furniture website, http://www.jlspecialty.com

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