CHINITAS --- EAST meets WEST is the BEST

     CHINITAS is sui generis, a truly one-of-a-kind restaurant with no other like it. Where else in the world but Panajachel would you find all of the following?

2 Menus

     When Malaysian (owner) meets Mayan (nanas), the happy confluence is two menus. The original Asian menu of sushi, sate and stirfry ("unbelievably delicious" in the words of the Lonely Planet") is now supplemented by a Western menu, Chinitas a la Chapina, featuring ceviche, pasta, pizza, burgers. This second menu comes by popular demand, exemplifying our maxim that we go the extra mile for our customers.

The Divine Divan

     Lay back and dream, or read, or e-mail (in-house WI-FI), or take a nap. Or have a chiropractic adjustment from our chiropractor on call. Even have a meal or a drink. All this on our divine divan. With a native population of a giant white bear, a bunny, and Momotaro, an Oriental Rasta, our divine divan is also extremely family-friendly.

Atitlan Museum of Recycled Art (AMORA)

     Welcome to our in-house museum with its stained glass lamps, wok sculpture ("Don Noe de las Chinitas", "Dona Blanca y Tinta de Undurraga") mobiles ("Variety is the Spice of Life", "I Could Have Danced All Night"), a shimmering curtain made up of thousands of hippy beads ("The Reign of Recycle"), recycled oil lamps, see how many objects you can spot that are made of something recycled.

Home Brew

     We brew our own fruit wine and ginger beer. That's beside grinding our own whole grains, making our own peanut butter starting with raw peanuts, preparing our own yoghurt from free-range, organic milk. Scratch the surface and you'll find that we do almost everything from scratch.

Live Music

     Liven to the beat of our musical boys, Tim and Roger, the Oregonian and Quebecquois, aka Los Fokkercitos. Sometimes joined by the owner Ling, they are there on Saturdays and occasionally as well. You might even be inspired to pick up an instrument from our musical chest and join the merry-making.

House of Tea

     With over 15 kinds of loose-leaf tea to choose from, you can also brew your own special blend. Or spice it. The tea comes in a pot -- for one to enjoy or two (or three or four) to share.

Daily Bakery

     Something is always a-fresh in our oven, be it bread or cake or cookie.

Home/Hotel Delivery

     Delivery to your home/hotel by speedy tuk-tuk. Just call in your order 7762-2612

We are open every day
8am -10pm