Guatemala photos, Antigua

Antigua Guatemala     All of these photos of Antigua, Guatemala, the old colonial capital, were taken in December 2001. Antigua is a great place to take photos. A visit there is like going into a time machine, back to the 1500's, when the city was founded. The city overflows with fine craftsmanship, possibly because they have had practice, re-building it three times.

La Merced church
La Merced Church
Palace of the Captain's General
Palace of
Captain's General
University of San Carlos, Antigua Guatemala
University of
San Carlos
Convent Las Capuchinas
Convento de
Las Capuchinas
Cathedral, Antigua Guatemala
The Cathedral
San Francisco church
San Francisco

     We have photos of Presidential Residence, Bishop´s Palace, other ruins, Santa Clara, christmas scenes, architectural details, door details, doors & windows, fountains, other details, signs & ceramics, gardens, Parque Central, and street scenes, and we have a video too.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan      Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is generally regarded as the most beautiful place in the world. The camera does not do it justice because it only captures what is in front of the eye. It misses the feeling of tranquility one experencies here. You can see some of the street parades or more photos of lake atitlan.

Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan view
Madonna Santa Catarina
Maya people
Maya Art
Maya Art
Lake Atitlan with Lilies and a Volcano
Flowers and Gardens
Canoe near Lake Atitlan
still life photos

Guatemala´s Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead kite festival     November 1st, the day after Halloween, brings the Guatemalan version of All Saints Day. The indigenous Mayans fly kites into the heavens, carrying messages for their dead ancestors. It is an all day party, and much more fun than eating too much candy. You can see photos of one of the world's most original kite festivals. Enjoy the show.