Chocolate Chile Truffles

(Submitted by: Carol Slinker)

Both dark chocolate and spices provide health benefits. Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, chiles boost metabolism and they both provide vital antioxidants, if taken in moderation, of course.This addictive chocolate creation contains ... Read article

Chocolate The Sinful Treat!

(Submitted by: Sean Carter)

What does rich, dark, melting and drop dead heavenly remind you of? Some good looking guy of course! Surprise, I am not talking about any guy. I am talking about chocolate.... melt-in-the mouth chocolate.Chocolate is one thing that very ... Read article

Chocolate - The History of it

(Submitted by: Allison Thompson)

This article will take you on a journey through the history of chocolate and will reveal the mystery surrounding this food which is a staple of most peoples diets nowadays.