5 of the Most Popular Flavored Coffee Syrups

Flavored coffee syrups are a popular method of changing the basic flavor of coffee. The flavor can be added directly to the gourmet coffee bean or directly to that freshly poured cup of coffee. Which ever you choose, syrup allows you to change the flavor to your own custom approval. Some of the most popular syrups are listed below and not listed in any particular order.

1. Vanilla flavored coffee syrups. Mmm, vanilla is a popular flavored syrup. Vanilla is actually a wonderful smell as well. Vanilla is popular because it is basic but adds a touch of elegance to everything it is added. Choosing vanilla is a popular choice for both beginners and connoisseurs of coffee. If normal vanilla is not quite your cup of coffee, then there are numerous other types: French vanilla and vanilla bean are just a couple.

2. Chocolate flavored coffee syrups. Almost everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate is considered a true delicacy fit for the highest of royalty. Chocolate can be either cheap or extremely expensive. However, chocolate coffee syrup is usually quite inexpensive and offers the coffee connoisseur the chance to have the authentic flavor of our beloved chocolate in our coffee. Nothing beats the flavor of chocolate in coffee. There are even specialty gourmet coffees that are mixed with chocolate: mochas.

3. Buttered rum flavored coffee syrups. Perhaps my favorite, buttered rum is mmm, mmm, mmm, delicious! Extras sweet for those coffee connoisseurs that have a sweet tooth. I have tastes some syrup that reminds me of those butterscotch life saver candies. Buttered rum is exactly that: a sweet butterscotch. Of course, many coffee syrups are also just rum flavored. These actually taste like the alcoholic rum. Usually, they do not have alcohol though. However, should you want that kick only alcohol offers, try using a bit of the real stuff.

4. Any assortment of mint flavored coffee syrups. There is a mint to suit almost anyones taste buds. Mint gives a certain "kick" to anything it is added too. In addition, mint is known for its claming and soothing natural components. Although mint alone may not be a welcomed addition to your daily cup of Java, many people love mint when mixed with chocolate. Mint is plain goodness.

5. Caramel flavored coffee syrups. Who doesn't love caramel? Caramel is an extremely popular choice in coffee flavorings. Caramel can also be added to almost any other flavor and have a creamy, smooth result. Caramel is usually the mixture of brown sugar and butter. However your favorite caramel is created, be assured that it is a bit of pure ecstasy. Caramel is delicious and a good way to add a sweetener to your cup of morning delight.

Whatever coffee syrup you desire, there is one specially created for you tastes. If you can't instantly find one, keep trying. It is out there. If you get brave, you can try to mix your own syrup. Coffee syrups offer sweet and flavor in one beautiful package.

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