Coffee Gift Baskets? Coffee Lovers Beware Your Heart Will Melt

Do you have a coffee lover in your life and want to surprise him or her with a gift they will love. Why not go for a coffee gift basket. This is one of the nicest present you can give to a coffee lover and something they can enjoy for a long time to come. Just think about them sitting around on a Sunday morning enjoying a great cup of gourmet coffee that was given to them by you. There are two ways you can get a coffee gift basket. You can either put one together yourself by picking out items you know they will love and then assembling them together. However if you are pressed for time you can also purchase a pre made coffee gift basket. Either way, you are sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. This practical gift is always well received.

One thing that you want to be careful of is to make sure the receiver of the gift is not a member of a coffee of the month club or someone who has not just ordered a years supply of their favorite coffee. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing so just to cover your basis it can help to check first.

Take the above warning to heart because I learned this one the hard way after giving my in laws a great big coffee gift basket. Of course they graciously accepted the gift and at the time I was none the wiser. However later in a conversation to them they kind of hinted that they had not had a chance to use much of the coffee. I dug a little deeper only to find out hey were already receiving coffee through a very gourmet coffee of the month club and they just couldnt drink through all of the coffee they were receiving.

There are many different ways to find this information out before hand and with a little detective work you should be just fine. The first ways to find out is just come right out and ask the person. This might take away a little bit of the surprise when you actually give the gift but 99% of the time people wont think that far in advance and they will be so happy to receive the gift they wont mind that you asked. The farther ahead you can ask the better as the more time passes the less people will remember.

Another way around this problem is to ask a few family members or friends of the person you want to give the gift to. Usually this is the best way to find out because you dont alert gift receiver to anything and you dont diminish the element of surprise. This also prevents you from sparking the interest in a coffee of the month club if you ask the person you want to give the coffee basket to. After you ask them they might think to themselves, Hey that is a great idea I think Iw ill do that. Then that blows your gift. By asking a family or friend of the person you can find out and still keep everything a secret.

Although if you talk to most coffee lovers you will find that many of them feel you can not have too much coffee at any time. If they already are a member of a coffee of the month club you can still put together a very nice coffee gift basket. Instead of getting tons of coffee in it go from some of the coffee related accessories. A brand new commuter mug or fun mug with pictures in it for drinking coffee at home can be a great idea. There are also chocolates and all sorts of other little treats that can go along well with coffee. In the end a personalized coffee gift basket filled with wonderful accessories will make a great gift. By putting together a well thought out and personalized gift basket you are sure to warm the heart of the gift receiver.

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