How The Energy Benefits Of Coffee Were Discovered

Do you start your day with a morning cup of coffee? Many people do. Do you know how coffee was discovered? There is more to that morning cup of coffee than you realize, read on to find out more about it.

Many people feel like they cannot start their day without a cup of coffee, it is actually a necessity for their lives. Coffee helps them get going in the morning, gives them that needed get up and go in order to concur their work day.

How is the goat to blame? (Well, almost)

The history of coffee did at least start with a goat. A goat herder named Kaldi from Ethiopia noticed that his goats were hyperactive after eating a certain bush. He tried some of the berries that grew on the bush. He experienced a feeling of energy after eating the berries as well. According to the legend this is how the coffee bean was discovered. The caffeine was what gave the energy to both the goats and Kaldi.

Did you know that coffee was not always a drink?Originally it was a food that East African tribes mixed with animal fat making large berry-fat balls. They used these balls for energy when they went out to raid other tribes. The first energy bar!

Arabians are next in line

The Arabs transplanted the coffee tree in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabs are the ones that first used it as a hot drink. By the thirteenth century the Muslim Arabs drank enough coffee to see "whirling dervishes." For many years the Arabs were the only ones that knew the secret workings of coffee. Arabs were travelers and they liked to bring the coffee with them, the more they traveled the more coffee information went with them across the world.

Turks and Europeans come into the picture

The Turks were the ones responsible for giving coffee facts to Europeans. European traders came to Turkey where they learned of coffee and they in turn shared the coffee news wherever they went. The first Dutch colony established the first European coffee estate. This colony was on the island of Java (now a portion of Indonesia). On this colony coffee became known as a precious commodity.

So as you can see coffee has come a long way baby, all to wake you up in the morning! Now you can share these little known facts with your friends and colleagues! Amaze them with your brilliance over your morning cup of coffee.

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