Coffee, the World''s Most Popular Drink

A lot of people enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. I know that I can wake up without having first cup of coffee. Sometimes I get up at 6 a.m. and by seven I already have 2 cups of coffee finished. Coffee is a drink that is roasted from seeds that come from the coffee plant. Generally speaking it served hot but sometimes it served over ice. I like my coffee black and hot, my wife enjoys having an iced coffee with a little cream in the middle of the afternoon. Something that's really interesting is the fact that coffee is the second most commonly traded item in the world, only petroleum leads it.

I first got started drinking coffee whenever I was a land surveyor. One of the other workers and I used to drive up and down the road and he always had a thermos of hot coffee. The funny thing was is that it was the worst coffee that could ever have been made but I got used to it and now I really have an appreciation for a good cup of coffee, but I also can enjoy a lousy cup of coffee too. The coffee maker that we have right now is one of the single coffee cup pod machines. It's really great, and very convenient considering that we have three different coffee drinkers at our house. I'd like to have my cup of coffee first thing in the morning, my wife enjoys having hers chilled in the afternoon, and my father in law enjoys his throughout the day.

Originating in Ethiopia around the ninth century seeking coffee was exported to both Egypt and Europe. Coffee is a strong stimulant, and that is probably why most people enjoy drinking coffee in the mornings in order to wake up. So no matter whether you drink it black, with sugar, or with cream, enjoy your coffee, the world's most popular drink.

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