Cuban Coffee: Excitement in a Cup

If you're looking for an exciting and soulful blend of coffee, try a cup of Cuban coffee. Cuba produces some of the finest Arabica coffee beans in the world in the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

The origins of Cuba's coffee crop have been followed through the centuries, and can be linked to a gentleman named Jose Antonio Gelabert. In 1748, Gelabert introduced the coffee plant that has found an ideal home in the climate and rich soils of the Cuban forests. Now, Cuba does not grow the majority of the world's coffee; however, they are happy to claim they produce the finest of the world's coffees.

Coffee is such an important part of the Cuban culture that its people view their daily coffee drinking as rituals or social events. Because Cuban coffee is stronger than many commercial coffees, it is often served in much smaller containers. Cubans prefer a 'jolt' of coffee over the traditional mug of the steamy brew. The Cuban after-dinner coffee is often perked on a stovetop, or prepared in an espresso maker.

Some varieties of Cuban coffee are twice as potent as American coffee and very full-bodied; which explains why it is served in smaller shots or cups. Common coffee drinks of the Cubans are cafecito, espumita, colada, cortadito, and Cafe' con Leche. Cafecito is a sweet, strong espresso served in a small cup. By mixing a few drops of cafecito with a drew spoons of sugar, a foam called espumita is made to place on top of the beverage making it sweeter and fancier. Colada is the preferred social drink of Cuban coffee. Colada comes in a larger cup accompanied by several smaller espresso cups, and is meant to be shared by many. Cortadito is a milder version of the cafecito, produced by adding milk in different proportions to the brew. Cafe' con Leche is like a latte, which is formed by pouring a single shot or jolt of cafecito into a cup of hot milk.

Imported Cuban coffee carries a richness of flavor which lends itself perfectly to drinking at any time of the day or night. Whether it is your morning java, or a social gathering of friends and family, you are sure to enjoy the flavors and aromas of this countrys coffee.

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