Kona Coffee: Flavor of Hawaii

Some say that they can actually taste the Island of Hawaii in each cup of Kona coffee. True Kona coffee is grown only in the northern and southern parts of the mountainous Kona region in Hawaii. This gourmet coffee is the direct product of the mild, tropical climate and rich volcanic soils unique to this part of the world.

Kona coffee is a medium-bodied coffee, which is so flavorful that it has become the second most popular coffee of choice. Like a fine wine, Kona's character can be identified by its aromatic blend and rich flavor, boasting trace elements of spice and wine in each drop.

This warm and popular specialty coffee is grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountains and fed by the gentle rains and nutritious volcanic soils of the region. No other coffee can proudly claim the Kona name. The majority of the Kona plantations are family owned and operated. The beans are hand picked and processed to ensure a premium coffee unlike any other.

The Peaberry coffee bean is the superior Kona bean by far. Most coffee trees produce cherries which contain two beans, but the Peaberry only has one bean. This variety is developed when one side of the coffee tree's flower blends and fuses with the other side. The result is one coffee bean which is richer and more concentrated than two separate beans.

Still yet, it is not only the location and the bean which produces the excellent brew of Kona coffee. The craft of custom roasting and drying the beans plays a major part in producing its exceptional qualities. Kona coffee growers also pride themselves on delivering fresh beans to ensure the highest quality in every cup. Therefore, they suggest that Kona coffee be purchased in whole bean form and ground immediately before brewing.

When you're thirsty for a more flavorful cup of coffee, Kona coffee is the superior choice. Try it and see if you don't agree that Kona is indeed one of the richest and most satisfying cups of coffee you've ever experienced. You might even find yourself escaping to the peaceful tranquility and the richness of the beautiful Island of Hawaii. What more could you ask from a cup of coffee?

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