A Starbucks Coffee Franchise Of Your Very Own

I dont know what it is with some people, but when an idea becomes a brand and then branches out to become a chain, a lot of folks turn their backs and shun whatever or whoever it is that has become so successful. I've seen this with Starbucks coffee shops of recent years but despite the moans and groans about how naff and overpriced the coffee is, the chain seems to go from strength to strength. In fact a good buddy of mine has just entered into a Starbucks coffee franchise and I can fully understand his reasons for doing this.

When I was a youth, there werent the trendy coffee shops and wine bars to hang out in like there are today. In fact if you wanted to grab a coffee while you were out it was usually a mug of Nescafe original in some greasy caf. Oh how things have changed since then! A Starbucks coffee franchise is more than just a place to grab a coffee though. Surely you must have seen students, and businessmen alike hooking up to the wireless networks as they catch up with a bit of work over a cup of their favorite latte, Grande caramel macchiatos, venti mocha or frapuccino to name but a handful of choices.

Comfortable surrounds, in a stress free environment and not to mention the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee to boot. Many Starbucks coffee franchise shops have an outside area, a ground floor and an upstairs seating arrangement, all of which have their own characteristics. My local Starbucks coffee shop has its big comfy armchairs upstairs with daily newspapers and seats by the windows, which is just great for those of us that enjoy people-watching.

Another fantastic concept to the Starbucks coffee franchise or any other coffee shop business come to that, is that they are places to hang out without the pressure of hard sell. They also offer a safe haven for teenagers to meet up and chat about things important to them. Additionally, most are open all day and half the night which means you can pop in and grab a cappuccino at any time. Try chilling in a pub or trendy restaurant with no real agenda for half a day and see how welcome you are!

A Starbucks coffee franchise business is always evolving. How often have you gone in and seen a new blend on the menu? There seems to be a never-ending supply of weird and wonderful beverages on offer along with some very tasty pastries. Starbucks has also become aware of the more health conscious customer and now have an impressive range of decaffeinated drinks on offer these days too.

It's probably fair to say that Starbucks has done for the coffee world what the Pizza Hut did for Pizza. The founder of the Starbucks coffee franchise weve come to know today, a Mr. Howard Schultz, was quoted as saying he will not stop until there is a Starbucks coffee franchise on every street corner in every major town and city in the world, or words to that effect. With an average of 3 new Starbucks coffee franchise businesses opening up everyday worldwide, I think he's on track to realise his dream. So long as we want them, they'll keep on springing up and good luck, that's what I say.

Jill Crute is a proficient writer for Drinking Drinks dot com where she has articles on Chai Tea and The Burr Coffee Grinder. She also has many other drink related pieces on the site.

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