Modern Coffee Tables - Art for Your Living Room

(Submitted by: Jennifer Akre)

Anyone can buy a coffee table. But, next time youre in the market for a coffee table for your contemporary home, consider purchasing a piece that will do more than hold your magazines and the television remote. There are some wonderful modern ... Read article

Aquarium Coffee Table - Home Decor Brought to a Whole New Level

(Submitted by: Magdalena Witkowska)

Is your coffee room getting a bit dull? Do you find your guests often yawning and stretching and basically sitting around with an expression of trying to endure eternal boredom?Coffee tables form one of the important parts of a household ... Read article

Glass Top Coffee Table

(Submitted by: Eugene T. Allee)

Coffee tables are an essential part of our homes; therefore, they are an intricate part of our families. We want a coffee table that represents our style, our fashion, and our sense of pride. Nothing is as convenient or versatile as a coffee ... Read article

Are You Looking For a Glass Coffee Table?

(Submitted by: Eugene T. Allee)

Is a glass coffee table something that you want? Are you having trouble finding just the one you want? Have you looked in every furniture store possible and just cant seem to find the perfect table? Well, look no more, there is a solution to not ... Read article

Wrought Iron Coffee Tables: Made Out Of Wrought Iron?

(Submitted by: Tony W. Dunk)

If you own real wrought iron coffee tables then you are one lucky son of a gun. Most of the people who buy "wrought iron" are actually purchasing what is really only worked iron. This metal tends to look a lot like wrought but in fact it is far ... Read article

Contemporary Coffee Tables

(Submitted by: Eugene T. Allee)

When you are designing the dcor of your living room or office waiting room, you need to include places for drinks and other items to be placed while entertaining. Contemporary coffee tables may just be the answer. There are a large selection of ... Read article

Coffee Table Plans: For The DIYer

(Submitted by: Eugene T. Allee)

Everyone loves a good coffee table. Nothing looks better in our home to highlight that one room. Of course, there are many people that enjoy making a coffee table with their own two hands; that makes the coffee table even more perfect and worthy ... Read article

How to Build Coffee Tables That Last a Lifetime

(Submitted by: Eugene_T._Allee)

Every DIYer in the world has probably attempted a coffee table at one time in their life. Sometimes, this is known as the turning point in many DIYer careers. You may be wondering why I would say such a thing, but the answer is an obvious reason. ... Read article

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