Kofi: Have Some Coffee!

Due to the overwhelming period of the UN and its megalords, a name has always been shining. Kofi Annan, with hours of flattering and minutes of pleasure, Kofi Annan was the name of the person who flattered and fluttered his way up to the seat of the UN Secretary in General.

But true face always shows, and therefore, Kofi Annan's true face was also shown to people, in a manner which was termed as the most disgusting ever, the no knowledge genius got on to flap his ever so strapped on wings which were never freed and had spent most of their time flattering and fluttering for people. Rising from a no knowledger to a no knowledge genius was not an easy task at all. And Kofi named person prooves this fact of mine. This action of a person such as Kofi required huge dumps and bumps of "saying things that are bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the things which are, supposedly being talked about and repeat".

True face is always true, If a barbarian is made to wear clothes of the gentlemen then you cannot see or presume the time that when the clothes will be on the floor and the barbarian on his previous form, taking that as an example, we come on to our main subject once again, the no knowledge genius, so when our barbarian was made to wear the clothes of the UN General Secretary, then as I previously mentioned, nobody could have imagined that when were the clothes going to wear off. Then the new name for gentleman will be horrible man, thats what Kofi Annan is known as nowadays, horrible man.

History refresh, so Kofi earned his way up to UN General Secretary spot etc. through Chattering, Pattering, Flattering and Blabbering. Chattering and Blabbering were alright as well as Pattering, But Flattering? Oh no no no, nobody can get knowledge from Flattering, a position can be got by Flattering but not the ability to operate it properly, that was a good point, so now, Kofi began showing his true face in the four aspects of his life, Chattering, Pattering, Blabbering and Flattering...... to be frank with Kofi, these are the four pillars on which his life is based on, the No knowledge Genius has had these stairs for the success, which is just a dummy although. Dummy what, success. Success was a dummy in case of Kofi annan ever since he came into existence because of the dummy's mother, who? Flattery.

Yes, So we arrive to a conclusion where it says that Kofi Annan hasnt had a genuine success whatsoever yet in his life. Anyways back to original talk, so Now we can give heed to the fact that the Kofi Annan was appointed as the UN Secretary in General. Therefore giving a rise to his high hopes and expectations in General, which means his true face began to give way to his needs and wants. The true face generated true thoughts, which said - "Kofi, now is your chance". The truth began overcoming the gentleman, in simpler words the Barbarian began coming over the of course Dummy Gentleman, which was meant for existence only till the UN Secretary seat was reached, after that the Kofi didnt thought that there was a need for the gentleman to stay. Because Kofi knew the fact that this is the last and the final chance where he can rule over the world and fulfill whatever things he had to do, fulfill all his requirements, his needs, his wants, all of them, Kofi thought that the time had come.

This was the point of time where Kofi's joy knew no bounds, he leaped up and down in the celebrations of the ever post he had longed for all his miserable life. And just feeling the fact that now his whole life's pleading, behaving in an attitude he had never wished for as well as all the flattery and "saying-untrue things in appreciation of people above him" ness had finally and finally paid off. Now Kofi got to action. What did he had to do? Well the UN General Secretary had to take care of the violence going around earth, settle issues, do welfare programs etc.

But Kofi? Oh well this was the one opportunity where he could get all he wanted! So, why do this miserable secretary stuff, anyone can do it, If I wont, then the upcoming Secretary will, so if it has to be done, Why should I do it? A pass of the problem for Kofi. Therefore the UN grew to be an organization which had nothing to do with the world, but with Kofi, in Kofi's reign, the UN began working for Kofi now, Kofi fulfilled his wishes and needs and wants by UN, the question comes up, is the UN meant for Kofi's own pleasure?

Now, Kofi got up on his feet and started looking around of ways for exploiting the UN, while busy in this activity, George Bush quickly did wars behind Kofi's back, but Kofi didnt seem to care and he still doesnt, that there had ever been a war on Iraq or Afghanistan. Whenever asked about this, Kofi disappeared around the corner with the comment "The UN is thinking about this". Think Think UN and Think Think Kofi, but you have said the truth Kofi, it is Think Think about the world and Do Do about Kofi

When the rehabilitation of some countries issue came up with Kofi, Kofi, being the ever nerd he is, tried to avoid it, But the previous secretaries were no less then Kofi and therefore it was the final call for the things to be done, so Kofi was struck and thought of a way to exploit this situation of the UN as well, the Iraq war was quickly did in the meantime, so Kofi was thinking, which was one of the actions which had been rarely practiced in Kofi's life. Now Kofi thought of a plan to rehabilitate his own son, who was destroyed, and destroy the countries, which were going to be rehabilitated. Now, Kofi kept his son too in his supervision in his own.... err...company...the UN as some secretary and gave him the place of doing that rehabilitation work, now the son was two steps ahead of father, and therefore left nothing left to eat in the issue, ( did I mention he had been hungry all his life as Kofi didnt earn but flattered in the time he was supposed to be earning ? ) so at the opportunity of eating, everything was ate up.

Now Kofi didnt think of this, and therefore Kofi was stuck again, fingers began pointing towards him and Kofi realized his duties, but this, being a temporary phase of life, vanished soon and the Incorporated Company of Kofi and His son, started eating up their way again to the UN's doom, due to Kofi realizing the fact that this WAS the LAST opportunity, again. As we know, Kofi has been a lover of the variety and therefore took a bite of each and every money, rather to say, every type of money he can see in his sight, some kinds of money were, the Earthquake Relief money, the Tsunami relief money, The African country help money and many different kinds of money, Kofi had never seen in his life, so Kofi ate a bite of each and every kind of money that came to him

Kofi never thought of some things, which were, being accused of corruption, the UN picture in a normal mind, the UN 's downfall, no, why should he think about it? For what are the other nations? They are for thinking about it and what is Kofi meant for? Eating and Digesting by the LAST CHANCE! And what was the UN for? Simple, UN was for Kofi!

So, Kofi now did everything he can and promoted his son and did so many other things he can do to enjoy the splendor of his life. Now let us look at the things which Kofi didnt care about and therefore which resulted in devastation and demolishing of so many things in the world that nobody can give a list of, But I will try doing it.

The Tsunami: Tsunami, Came and got away, but left a really huge matter for Kofi to earn money from. There are different beliefs among geologists as for why did the Tsunami occur, but I am sure about the fact that the Tsunami had come for Kofi and only for him. Now, Kofi had already thought of how to exploit this situation, from the next minute of Tsunami, the donations started coming, as if they were blessings for Kofi and Kofi open heartedly accepted them, as he knew that all this was for him, and only for Kofi. Kofi's bank account started becoming larger, and the hopes of Tsunami affected people began becoming smaller, Kofi, of course, left some part for Tsunami relief from the donations as he is a very generous person you know. Now Kofi took his mega share and gave some to the Tsunami affected people too, therefore maintaining the fact that the relief amount was given to the Tsunami people.

Earthquakes around the world: Many earthquakes occurred around the world in the reign of Kofi, they also had a profound effect on Kofi and his works, although they demolished and destructed towns, building etc. But strengthened Kofi, his bank accounts, and his position on the UN further more, who can alter anything of a person who is blessed by Nature? And that person is Kofi, such destruction, which occurred in so many places around the world, was for the welfare of Kofi, fact proven.

Other Natural Calamities: Other natural calamities by which the world was infested since the reign of Kofi Annan include many other things too, floods, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes etc. which whipped apart the world, but Nature has always been with Kofi Annan and his works and therefore the fact comes into light that nobody can alter anything of the person who has been blessed by nature and such is the case with Kofi which is why he has never been turned down by the nature. That is the reason that every natural tragedy becomes an award for him. He is the only and only person who is a great follower of my concept called Grow With Nature, and how can one say that Kofi hasnt done any social work for society, when his upcoming farewell will itself be a great welfare work for society. That is why I am bound to say Kofi, have some Coffee?

Dr. Rajesh Dubey

Email: gandharv[at]gandharv.com

Dr. Rajesh Dubey

Email: gandharv[at]gandharv.com

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