Romance Guide for the Woman Coffee Drinker 2

To review: there are several reasons to drink coffee, but none of the important ones are related to caffeine intake. Its a great deal more fun to use your coffee as a lure to attract young males to you; either for a bit of amusement or as a definite ice-breaker (if you find a worthy male, that is).

Alright, instead of merely sitting there drinking that coffee and teasing--no, thats far too brazen a word--entertaining your target, what if you aim for something even grander? Perhaps you want him to spring for a refill; or, even better, to buy you a slice of pie.

Youll need a tool not mentioned in our earlier instructions: One single napkin

Youll carry concealed backup, of course, but only one will be displayed on table in front of you.

To spill, or not to spill, that is the dilemma. If you want to grab his interest, spill the coffee. If you desire more attention--and some probable action, dribble some on a sheet of decoy paper. This could be part of the newspaper youve already read, a back-up copy of an article or paper youre proofing, or a mere magazine. The key idea is this: the volume spilled must exceed the absorbent power of just your lone napkin. Then hell be forced to help you out to wipe up, if hes at all interested.

Spilling is an art, and its best practiced at home. Remember, you dont want to get your slacks or your sleeve all soaked up, and sometimes your initial instinctive reaction might be to sop it up with a sleeve--dont do it! Wiping up is also a bit of an art. Once youve spilled, dab up as much of the liquid from the table as your tiny napkin will hold, then wring it out onto the saucer. Go back and wipe again, although by now your pathetic napkin should be thoroughly soaked, and youll merely be pushing the coffee about on the table.

Dont look helpless, whatever you do. Instead, look strong and determined. Open your briefcase or backpack or fanny pack or purse and set your face with your own unique look of concentration and appear as if youre scouting about for a tissue. Let your fingers rummage about inside for a bit, ramping up the intensity of your scowl as your frustration level increases.

At this point your man, if chivalrous at all, will move toward you to help you. If he doesnt, and hes quite cute, you might shoot an inquiring glance at his table, but only to see if there is a napkin lying there. Once youve done that, if he still doesnt offer, you can ask--but only if hes really worth it. See, by this point, youve given him two wide-open invitations to help. If you actually have to ask, then he better be worthy.

Once hes at your table, helping you wipe up, then, my dear, hes all yours.

Practice makes perfect vis--vis spilling; we strongly suggest you try this at home a time or two. It can avoid a trip to the dry cleaners for a good blouse or jacket when you go live at the coffee shop.

And if you really want to shine, video yourself at home. Capture your facial expressions; change them in intensity and duration, varying the brevity you allow an emotion to play about on your face. Remember, timing is key.

In another article well cover a key defensive point on coffee-drinking--spilling the cup on him. But, thats a tale for another time.

Romance Tip: The controlled spill is a sure-fire man-grabber.

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Casey Trino is author of The Alex 2101 Project, a series of articles documenting early 21st century life for her unborn great-granddaughter Alex (a working name) to help guide her when she comes of age at the beginning of the 22nd century.

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