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Ladies, romance is one commodity the world is always thirsty for. Although today the scarcest resource seems to be love.

Many people mistakenly believe romance and love are identical, but of course they are as different as an evening spent ballroom dancing and an afternoon of pleasant work in the garden.

You may not think romance and coffee are linked, but there are coffee-drinking techniques every young single lady should know

OK, the first step in drinking a cup of coffee is to make sure you are in a public place, where you are apt to find young males. For this, we suggest your local coffee house.

Note, while one of the large chains is acceptable, typically a smaller, locally owned shop is brimming with intimacy and panache. Select a table where you can sit by yourself--a small table is better--and make sure you are in an area where there are currently some males close by at their own tables.

Now the first step in coffee drinking is to set your goals.

Do you just want to attract a bit of interest, maybe keep the mans attention pulling toward you? Note, this is not teasing; rather, its a bit of sport, akin to a fishing catch and release program whereby the anglers real joy isnt in consuming her prey but merely hooking him.

Or, are you hoping your target takes a definite action? If you are, then a completely different tack is required. You are going to have to use your cup of coffee to pull him toward you. Well cover that in part two.

So, if you are merely looking to hook his eyes onto your bait, then you need to follow these simple guidelines:

Remember, you have to distinguish yourself from the competition. No, not the other girls; rather, you have to pull his attention away from all those gadgets men constantly flit about with. Just sitting there caressing the cup will attract him to you and make a statement, but soon hell be back chatting with his friends or reading his book.

Remember the motion--its critical. Now its time to:

Its astounding how many of your sisters out there add milk and sugar at the order counter, hastily stir it in with a swizzle stick and then just go to casually sit down and drink their coffee.

Heres an extra hint: if your coffee house supplies you with packets for creamer and sugar, take out a small scissors and slice each packet open. Rather than pouring it in just tap out just a few sprinkles into your cup. Use precise, measured movements. How many women do this? Almost none, and thats the key; you want to draw his attention to you not just with the motion alone, but with the way you move.

If you really want to amp up your fun you can always start tallying records of your success.

OK, the above it great if you want to sport about a bit, but what if you trying for something even grander? Then read part two.

Romance Tip: Motion magnetizes men. Use it to your advantage.

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Casey Trino is author of The Alex 2101 Project, a series of articles documenting early 21st century life for her unborn great-granddaughter Alex (a working name) to help guide her when she comes of age at the beginning of the 22nd century.

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