Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican coffee is one of the most expensive, classy and sought-after coffees in the entire world. It comes from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Jamaica blue mountain coffee is sheltered internationally as an officially recognized trademark implying that only coffee qualified by the 'Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica' can be branded as such. It comes from an established cultivating region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, and its nurturing is supervised by the 'Coffee Industry Board.'

To be called Jamaican coffee, the beans are required to grow above 2000 feet and normally, the Jamaican coffee plantations grow above 5000 feet all over the region. The higher the elevation of the plantation, the higher is the value, quality and demand of the coffee. The most preferred Jamaica coffee is roasted on an open fire in a pan.

Coffee connoisseurs describe Jamaican coffee as rich and savory, with low acidity, a tinge of sweetness and a bold aroma. A pound of this coffee in a coffee shop usually costs around $45. In Jamaica, it costs from $15 - $25 per pound. Other types of Jamaican coffee include High Mountain Supreme, Jamaica Prime and Jamaica Select. These are also as famous as the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Jamaican coffee is in a class all by itself in the world of coffee. While Italian coffee makes up most of the widely used types of coffee, Jamaican coffee is the most widely desired. Sadly, most coffee lovers can't afford it.

The Jamaican Coffee has also done wonders to the Jamaican government by increasing exports in huge bounds. Many countries have attempted cultivating similar coffee plantations, but there is no comparison to the original Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.