Modern-Day Geological Societies Have a Local Coffee Shop

In days gone by a Europe group ceased to meet in the geological societies and discuss things relevant to learned men. Unfortunately there is very little of that going on today in the United States of America and yet we seem to be able to communicate good enough to keep our nation the most innovative nation on the surface of the planet. It would be nice to have groups set up around the United States where people could meet at local coffee shops and discuss intellectual interests and subjects.

What sort of subjects you ask, well how about such things as; Aerospace, Futurist Topics, Alternative Energy, Politics, Business (all topics), Military, Travel, Space, Technology, Innovation, Sci Fi, History, Philosophy, Weather, Earth Sciences, Transportation, Education, Non-profits, Human Brain, Mining, Communication, Computers, Economics, Humanities, etc.

What if the average intellectual spent more time away from the television set and discussing intellectual pursuits such as those or other worthy topics? Can human race break out of the dummying down a fact that is happening right now?

Humans seem to be getting less intelligent and yet our technology is getting more brilliant and therefore we need more intellectually and lightened and brilliant people to run our civilizations and technologies. We need to turn the human race back on and get them thinking again. Please consider this in 2006.

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