New Career; Coffee Franchise Options, Good or Bad?

Are Coffee Shop Franchises a good business? Well consider the average Starbucks does over $80,000 per month. An interesting book primer to learn more about the coffee business might be Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz. It is worth a read and you can find used books on Amazon cheap enough, you will be glad you did.

Of course Starbucks is not a franchise. Recently, I met the head trainer for one of their licensees; Sheridan Hotels which was putting 1000 Starbucks Coffee Shops in their Hotels. But for the average person you cannot become a licensee or franchisee in the United States. So, you will need to look for other options such as; Coffee Beanery, Caribous or Its a Grind. Actually there are about 8 fairly good and growing options out there now. Now then, over all in studying Coffee Shop industry.

I have also talked with many franchisees as I travel the country and do a little business writing and most are very happy with their businesses. One former franchisee said his business had failed, but as far as the Coffee Franchise option, well that is a good business model so I am not sure what went wrong there.

He claimed that it was not his fault and that arbitration was stacked against the franchisee and yet in arbitration both sides have equal say generally my experience has been that arbitrators are usually way too liberal and pro-franchisee, siding with them and not with the Franchisor. Consider this in 2006.

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