Career Change Decisions and Coffee Franchises; Can They Fail?

Is a franchise in your future, are you looking to own your own business? Is it safe you ask? Well, No franchise is a complete guarantee for success of course and yet it would seem that a franchise which has opened hundreds of units or is well on their way has learned a lot of things the hard way that you most likely do not wish to learn the hard way in your own business when it is all your own money, home second mortgage and kids college funds on the line, literally.

So can a coffee franchise fail? Well, yes this is possible however consider what we are talking about and America’s love for coffee for moment will you? Does that mean it cannot fail? No, it could fail. Nevertheless, a Coffee Franchise, is a good bet and is a good strong franchise model and many are doing well in many markets and even across the street from many Starbucks so the franchise model is sound. And that is what you are up against, competition wise.

And really same store profits are down at Starbucks and what happened? Stock turned down in the first time in 3-years; Ouch, time to trade in my Starbucks Card? Hmmm? Where is your coffee store again? See you there. Consider all this in 2006.

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